What's new at Calm?

You can rest assured that our revolutionary teeth whitening procedure is only carried out by professionally qualified LoveLite Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Technicians, using the most advanced technology available!

The procedure is entirely safe, non-invasive and the LoveLite Magenta is the only system in the UK which
guarantees little or NO sensitivity!

Following application of our de-sensitising gel, our whitening paste is applied to the teeth then activated by our revolutionary LoveLite Magenta LED. The Magenta system soothes heals and de-sensitises at the same time as activating the product to achieve exceptional results.

You lay back in complete comfort and relax to your favourite  music. Once the treatment is complete you will be amazed at how we can achieve dramatic results of up to ten shades lighter in less than an hour!

Contact us for a complimentary telephone consultation with our professionally qualified Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Technician. Then rest assured as your dreams of a happier whiter smile turn into reality!